Unused McDonald’s Napkins Left Behind On Table Get Second Life As Garbage

Cranston, RI – Stranded all alone on a hard plastic and quite uncomfortable table at a local McDonald’s, a stack of unused napkins is about to get a second life as garbage. “I’m not using those. They’re going right in the trash. I don’t know what the person who left them there did to them. They could be diseased!” exclaimed Nancy Gleib who was about to sit down to eat a Fillet-O-Fish, large Diet Coke, large fry, and a 10-piece McNugget with Sweet and Sour sauce. “They may look new and safe but you gotta be careful because you can catch germs from touching other people’s leftover stuff. I gotta think about my health.” At press time, Gleib was getting an alert on her phone reminding her she is one hour late for her cardiologist appointment.

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