One Liners: Casual Friday, Emojis, Chipotle, Steven A. Smith, the Tour de France and More!!!

I liked to know what casual Friday is like at the Playboy offices. The funny part about Spike Lee backing young filmmakers is that they all gentrified his neighborhood. I can't keep up with modern society. I just typo'd an emoji. There shouldn't be such a thing as potato salad. You can't make a salad... Continue Reading →

One Liners: Birdbox, Scaffolding, Sherlock Holmes, Black Friday, #AMA, Star Wars, & More!

Birdbox is about not being able to see. So to honor the film, I won’t watch it. The concept of "force projection" in the Star Wars universe is the equivalent to working from home in ours.  I feel guilty that I’m on my phone too much. So instead of Siri I have "Sorri".  Why is... Continue Reading →

Driver’s License Photographer Really Pushing It With That Squeaky Toy

Queens, NY -  Frozen in a stone-face pose while leering with eyes filled with the fury of seventh layer of hell, 42-year-old William Whitmore really thinks the driver's license photographer is pushing it with that squeaky toy. "I just need to renew my freakin' license!! I swear to every sacred artifact on this planet, if... Continue Reading →

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