One Liners: Joe Biden, LEGOs, Escape From New York, Amazon Drones, the NYC Subway & more!

"These scientists don't know what they're talking about!" - Trump typing on smart phone made by science. When they reboot Escape from New York, will it be about getting home during rush hour? The other day I was all itchy. Think it was from my last batch of laundry. Maybe something in the laundromat? I’m... Continue Reading →

One Liners: Bert & Ernie, Facebook, Batman, Poutine, Bloodhounds, & More!!

You have to give Bert and Ernie credit for being the first gay couple to gentrify a ghetto before it was cool. I heard they were changing the name of Facebook to "See, I told you so." While ordering, I made the mistake of pronouncing two different Ns in “poutine”. I fear for this country.... Continue Reading →

One Liners: Superman, Umbrellas, Mr. Ed, Robots, Bikes in NYC, Banksy, Plumbing, & More!

Superman is strong but I bet if he stepped on a Lego piece, he’d feel it. I think they’re making umbrellas disposable and not telling anybody. I wonder if the people who design my office’s plumbing knew the pipes were supposed to HOLLOW!!! We all thought robots would be like Rosie from the Jetsons or... Continue Reading →

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