NOTP Podcast: Kevin Dombrowski

This week on the Not Off The Press Podcast my guest is comedian Kevin Dombrowski! Kevin and I caught up and discussed trusting your instincts in performing stand up, awkward celebrity encounters, and his podcast "Just Joking". Check out Kevin's debut album High On Molly here and follow him on Twitter at @KevinDombrowski and Instagram at... Continue Reading →

Man Wearing Mask Realizes How Bad His Breath Really Is

  Milford, DE - Twisting his face in a way that would make a contortionist jealous, 38-year-old Chuck Werner smelled his own breathe for the first time while wearing a mask for COVID-19 protection. "My God, why didn't someone tell me I have the breathe of a sewage-eating dragon!" cried the shocked single man. Werner,... Continue Reading →

ONE LINERS: John Wick, Sour Patch Kids, Disney+, Fall, 5 Hour Energy, and More!

Gotta love the fall. I’m hot and cold at the same time. Disney+ is warning about tobacco use in their films. So naturally, like all tobacco warnings, everyone is ignoring it. A John Wick reboot but instead of guns and knives, it’s just pies. When we set the clocks back, we will get an extra... Continue Reading →

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