One Liners: Bob Ross, TMNT, Rick Astley, Driver-less Cars, Marisa Tomei, the 10 Commandments, and More!

Marisa Tomei-tos isn’t a thing yet? What if you mixed Rick Astley with Afroman? "Never gonna give you up... cuz I got high. Never gonna let you down... cuz I got high!" Do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a permit or a license to drive the party van? I mean they are teenagers. I really... Continue Reading →

One Liners: Oreos, Bloodhounds, Dating Apps, April Fools Day, Escape From New York, Sneezing, and More!!

I’m starting to realizing on these dating apps “Hi, you look different in all your pictures,” isn't a good pick up line.  This woman on the E Train just sneezed in French. Can bloodhounds get lost?  They should change the "Like" button on these dating apps to “Eh, I guess”.  If you're going to genetically... Continue Reading →

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