High School Freshman’s Diary Has Better Security Than Nation’s Cyber Data

Laurel, MD – With the rage of a scorned Greek goddess and eyes blazing of brimstone fire, 15-year-old Vicky Whitley’s defense of her inner most secrets proved that this high school freshman’s diary has better security than the nation’s cyber data. “Oh my God, Billy, if you even think about opening my diary I swear... Continue Reading →

Doctor That Pantomimes Surgeries Sees Decline In Patients

Malibu, CA -  Sitting at his desk just staring blankly at his office phone, Dr. Mark Witherfield, a specialist that only pantomimes his surgeries is seeing a drastic decline in patients. "For a while there, it seemed to be going good. I was finally able to combine true medical and performance arts." claims Dr. Witherfield,... Continue Reading →

Construction Worker Is Baffled After Woman He Cat-called Showed Interest

New York, NY - After yelling out phrases that would make Larry Flynt blush, construction worker, James "The Big Wrench" Klein was completely baffled when a woman he cat-called showed him interest. "I've been whistling, barking, and yelling out to broads for the past 17 years and not one has ever hollered back. What do... Continue Reading →

Cracked Mirror Doesn’t Have The Heart To Tell Owner He Will Really Have 70 Years Bad Luck

Hillsboro, OR - Reluctant to come forward with the real truth, a cracked wall-length mirror didn't have the heart to tell its owner he will really have 70 years bad luck. "For so long, people thought a cracked mirror only meant 7 years bad luck. It's actually 70 years, but like myself, mirrors just can't bring... Continue Reading →

Last August’s Calendar Photo Hoping to Remain as Apartment Wall Art

Everett, WA - Fearing the inevitable with the arrival of a new year, a determined calendar photo representing last August is hoping to remain on the wall as art for the apartment. "With this being a new year, I fully realize my services are no longer needed. But it's undeniable how much the tenant loved... Continue Reading →

Customer Service Rep Unlikely Hero After Pronouncing Customer’s Last Name Correctly on First Try

Flagstaff, AZ - With a rousing applause and cheers echoing to the farthest corner of the building, the call center for a mattress delivery warehouse found it's unlikely hero as 32-year-old Katie Chen pronounced customer Mary Sue Seznetchszcy's last name correctly on the first try. "We've run across that last name a few times this... Continue Reading →

Next Two Slices Of Bread Too Arrogant To Realize They Will Be Used For Mere Cheese Sandwich

Bridgeport, CT – While boasting prematurely about their destiny to be a part of a deli-style inspired lunch with all the trimmings, the next two slices of white bread let arrogance blind them from realizing they will be used merely for a cheese sandwich. “We’re going to go down in history as the slices that... Continue Reading →

Mobster Wants To Know If Victim In Trunk Can Feel Air Conditioning

Brooklyn, NY – Concerned about the overall humidity and temperature in his ’87 Lincoln Continental, sweaty mobster Mario “Three Thumbs” Cambrizzi, yelled back to the kidnapped informant in the trunk of his car to make sure he could feel the air conditioning. “Hey Paulie, can you feel the AC back there? You want I should... Continue Reading →

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