One Liners: IHOb, Dennis Rodman, the North Korean Summit, the CIA, Justin Trudeau, and More!

Dennis Rodman arrived in Singapore early for the North Korea Summit . Makes sense. Power forwards are normally down the court first anyway. I bet the Wilpons are anxious to find the Mets some North Korean pitching prospects. That's not Dennis Rodman; that's Trumps' attitude in human form. You know the one he was going... Continue Reading →

Mets Confident They Can Still Let Down Fans Despite Great Start

Queens, NY - Surprised by their National League leading 13-5 record so far, the New York Mets ensured everyone that despite the great start to the season, they're confident they can still let the fans down. "We know what we're capable of, and we know we can still be disappointing, " stated GM Sandy Alderson... Continue Reading →

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