NOTP Podcast: James Mattern


This week my guest is comedian James Mattern! We connected through Zoom and chatted about hosting comedy shows, finding your own lane, performing during COVID, and creating his podcast “The Commissioner of Comedy“. If you’re learning the ropes of stand up or are a seasoned vet, his podcast is a bible of the life of a stand up comic. For more, follow James on Twitter at @JamesLmattern and Instagram at @thejamesmattern.



Greg Warren IG TN

It’s another Throwback Thursday with today’s guest Greg Warren! I caught up with the St. Louis native back in 2013 at Dangerfield’s in New York City. We chatted about the differences between living in New York City versus St. Louis, coming up with original material for an album, and seating for one at a restaurant. Greg has brand new special out called Where the Field Corn Grows. To watch and to find out where to follow Greg on social media, visit his website


Eddie Brill IG TN

From the archives, here’s my interview with Eddie Brill from 2013. We discussed his early years in comedy from his time at Emerson College, how one’s comedy act grows and evolves through dedication to the art, working on The Late Show with David Letterman, and meeting President Barack Obama! Listen to Eddie’s podcast The Break with Eddie Brill on iTunes and Soundcloud!  To see Eddie perform live, visit his website


Ted ALexandro IG TN

From the archives, here’s my interview with Ted Alexandro from 2013. We talked about how Ted’s background in music and teaching influenced his comedy, the art of stand up, and why comedy is always being performed in a basement or a back room (hint: NYC rent prices). Check out Ted’s podcast A Little Bit of Me and his comedy albums everywhere you listen to digital ear candy.


Myq Kaplan Thumbnail

From the archives, here’s my interview with Myq Kaplan from 2013. We chat about his process of submitting for late night TV, transitioning from the Boston comedy scene to the NYC comedy scene, and putting together an album. We also discuss aging at the speed of light! Check out Myq on Twitter and Instgram at @myqkaplan  and his special Myq Kaplan: Small, Dork and Handsome on Amazon


Darin Patterson Thumbnail

My guest this week is stand up comedian Darin Patterson! We talk about the differences between the New York/New Jersey comedy scene, performing material vs just writing it, and all things hiphop!  Darin also co-hosts some amazing podcasts: The Virgin Chronicles with Evan Morgenstern and SNL Nerds with John Trumbull!  Follow Darin on Twitter and Instagram at @DarinCredible.



Mo Vida IG

My guest this week on the Not Off The Press Podcast is stand up comedian Mo Vida! We talk about splitting time between performing in Denver and New York City,  hearing different points of view in comedy, and avoiding squirrel attacks in the park! Check out the show (and podcast) she co-produces called  The Black & White Cookie Show every third Friday of the month in Brooklyn!

One Liners: Birdbox, Scaffolding, Sherlock Holmes, Black Friday, #AMA, Star Wars, & More!

Birdbox is about not being able to see. So to honor the film, I won’t watch it.

The concept of “force projection” in the Star Wars universe is the equivalent to working from home in ours. 

I feel guilty that I’m on my phone too much. So instead of Siri I have “Sorri”. 

Why is it “gubernatorial” race? Why can’t it be “governortorial” race? 

Dating is hard. Not only am I competing for her attention from other people but also from dogs! Don’t think so? When was the last time a woman cried for no reason when you passed them on the street?

I don’t care what you say. If Sherlock Holmes had a car, he’d still lose his keys.

I saved the most money on Black Friday by not buying anything.

I did my own #AMA.  The only question I was asked was, “Why are you doing this ?”

I don’t trust somebody who says “I’m as honest as the day is long” on the day we turn the clocks back.

Maybe one day they’ll tear down all the buildings in New York and just replace them with scaffolding… If that’s not what they’re doing already.