Easter Bunny Now Hiding Omelettes

Pocatello, ID – Sneaking around with the cunning of a mystery chef, the Easter Bunny added to his repertoire by hiding omelettes. “For so long, I’ve only hid eggs not giving much thought to the variety of options I had with them. I was at a Denny’s one morning and it hit me! Duh, omelettes!!” exclaimed the furry guardian of the seasonal renaissance. “And instead of different colored eggs, I can hide different styles of omelettes: Western, Neapolitan, Savoyarde, and of course, my personal favorite… plain.” Mrs. May Shaw, a Pocatello resident, commented on this new vernal culinary tradition by stating, “I don’t know how I feel about my kids looking for omelettes on Easter Morning. Now, looking for hash browns… that’s how we do in Idaho!”  At press time, the Easter Bunny was already prepping for next year by trying to whip up a quiche.

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