Mosquito Only Interested in Gluten-Free Humans

Ocean, NJ – Realizing the options for sustenance where not up to par with its nutritional prerogative, a mosquito decided to skip lunch Saturday because it was only interested in gluten-free humans. “I’m if going maintain my summer weight goals, I’m better served by avoiding humans containing gluten, explained the health conscientious but somewhat pretentious mosquito. “Big Pharma and some hexapod invertebrates may want you believe that gluten only affects those with an intestinal condition, but my late-night blog reading has alerted me to the threat of a gluten-based human diet. Yes, I realize I do not have intestines. But, I tell you after sucking the blood of a human chock full of gluten, especially type A-, all that weight goes right to my wings!” At press time, the mosquito seemed to change its tune due to the munchies caused by a citronella contact high.

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