Tambourine Player Only One Making An Effort To Get The Band Back Together

Seattle, WA – Tenaciously hitting the send button to message his former mates with one hand while holding his tambourine in the other, Brian McBride seems to be the only one making an effort to get the band back together. “I was waiting for my unemployment check when it hit me – I need to get the band back together. I got the shakes in my hand, and the only way to settle them is with my Tambo. That’s short for tambourine,” explained the 47-year-old McBride who was currently cleaning out his parent’s basement to move in to. “I make six figures as a stock broker. Why the hell would I want to play in my high school band? Is he crazy?” stated James Parlee, the former lead guitar player and current owner of two mansions, a yacht and close friend to Richie Sambora. “I’m partially deaf from playing the drums and also can’t sing any more from my old smoking habit. Would be fun, but I enjoy coaching my daughter’s youth soccer team, and my wife won’t let me. I also forgot we had a tambourine player,” said Chris Hernandez, former drummer and lead singer and current soccer-dad extraordinaire. At press time, McBride was asking his parents to borrow the car for the weekend.

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