Dentist Baffled By Patient’s Joke About How Smart Her Wisdom Teeth Are

Brick, NJ – Frozen in his tracks with the uncertainty of a frightened deer, Dr. Leonard Ramsey, DDS, was completely baffled by his patient’s joke about how smart her wisdom teeth were. “He just had this bank stare on his face like he was posing for his own wax statue. It was as if he has never heard a joke before. I think he took it quite literally,” said a perplexed Jaclyn Mills who was still waiting for her cleaning to commence. “I usually use it as an ice breaker because dentist visits make me nervous, but I think I trapped this guy in some sort of parallel universe. Maybe there’s some key word I can say to snap him out of it like in the movies. ” At press time, Dr. Ramsey’s left eye may have blinked when Mills yelled out the word “handkerchief”.

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