Credit Card Company Tired Of Customer Paying Her Bill On Time

Garden City, KS – Angered by the computer ping sound showing payment has been received, credit card payment collector Steven Belchoi can’t stand it when cardholder Allison Greymore constantly pays her bill on time. “How can we possibly scam a profit if she always pays the full balance on time? And it’s always the full balance! If you’re going to pay on time, at least just pay the minimum balance owed so we can rip you off with the high interest rate!” argued an embittered Belchoi who showcased a corrupted soul. “She is supposed to be in crippling debt and at the mercy of her credit overlords. I thought this was America. I thought this was the country I knew.” At press time, Greymore was booking a month-long trip around the Mediterranean since she paid off her student loans five years ago.

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