Customer Service Rep Unlikely Hero After Pronouncing Customer’s Last Name Correctly on First Try

Flagstaff, AZ – With a rousing applause and cheers echoing to the farthest corner of the building, the call center for a mattress delivery warehouse found it’s unlikely hero as 32-year-old Katie Chen pronounced customer Mary Sue Seznetchszcy’s last name correctly on the first try. “We’ve run across that last name a few times this past month, and no one could even come close to saying it right,” explained Al Forman who was still in apparent shock over his co-worker’s triumphant accomplishment. “I feel a change has finally come to us here. It’s like Katie is the savior we needed but didn’t deserve. I may quit drinking during my lunch breaks.” At press time, Katie Chen was trying to remember how she said Mary Sue’s Seznetchszcy’s last name to be ready when she calls back.


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